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Lower Body Exercises That Actually Work

These lower body exercises are designed for women and they’re designed to really work without sweaty gyms, heavy weights or dangerous machines.

lower body exercises“Too fat, too heavy , flabby,  lumpy, un-shapely and covered with cellulite.’  Is this you?

The lower body trouble spots can be a problem can’t they?

The female leg, butt, hip, thigh and stomach areas can seem to be the toughest problem areas to fix. Most women find that these areas can be extremely stubborn to change and the struggle to improve your profile can be quite depressing.

It doesn’t have to be such a struggle!

Armed with the right information about the correct lower body exercises together with the motivation to change and a tiny investment in time and energy, you can achieve and maintain a real improvement.

Knowledge is power and just by the time you finish reading this article you’ll know exactly how to start.  Say farewell to those feelings  of embarrassment and frustration with your body image and take daily steps to achieve the results you desire.

Everything you need to know to be the be sexy, healthy, happy, assured person you really are is here. So let’s get started.

The Five Lower Body Secrets You Must Know:

1 – There are several hundred muscles in your leg, butt, hip, thigh and lower stomach area

Exercising these muscles correctly, in harmony with each other, will quickly bring measurable results.  The good news is that you don’t need access to a gym because this type of approach doesn’t require weights and machine.  Your progress will inspire you because you will not be spending time on ineffective exercises and risking long term set-backs.

It is essential to understand which lower body exercises are needed for you, your goals and your body type as the wrong exercise actually make your trouble spots worse and more pronounced – while risking serious injury.  However, the right lower body exercises will enable you to get that perfect profile and be the best you can be.  Would you like to know how?

2 – No matter what your goals are for your leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy

Your goals could be fat reduction, getting rid of the flab, cellulite reduction, toning, firming, slimming, building, lifting and body shaping.   It is a simple concept, the right combination of lower body exercises offers  you much better results in a shorter amount of time.  The wrong combination will not; there will be little or no progress towards your goals and few results to show for your efforts – just a lot of frustration, anger and wasted energy.

Here’s an important quiz – please fill it in before you get to critical factor number 3…

QUIZ: Can you relate to any of this?…

Are you unhappy with the appearance or condition of your lower body?

Do you try to hide your problem areas and trouble spots behind big, baggy clothing?

Are you afraid of what’s going to happen to your body as you continue to get older?

Do you avoid social situations, like the beach or poolside gatherings, that require exposing parts of your body that make you feel extremely self conscious, as if others are staring at you in disgust…

Do you absolutely hate clothes shopping because of the pain and humiliation which comes from not being able to buy the latest sexy fashions?  Do you hate settling for frumpy, ugly outfits that can cover all the fat layers inside and hide the nasty flab & horrible cellulite…

Are your relationships affected – especially with your man and the intimacy you share?  Is your sex life basically withering away – and if “it” happens – do you only make love in the dark to avoid being ’seen’?

Is your self confidence and self esteem slowly wearing away? Does it feel like your personality and spirit are getting smothered into non-existence because of the poor self-image you have?

Are you obsessed with “how bad you look” and are your prevailing thoughts focused on anger, frustration and self disappointment…

Have you made efforts, maybe repeated failed efforts, at getting on ’some kind of program’ or trying some phony ‘solution in a bottle’?  Do you feel led astray, swindled or fleeced – and now just so confused as to what’s legitimate and what’s pure trash?

Have you wasted hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars out of desperation, on scam diet products, misleading beauty treatments and ineffective fitness programs in the past – only to become even more disgusted with your physical appearance – when none of those things did what they promised?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these, don’t worry – because it’s simply not your fault… and most importantly – You can fix all of this, and I mean ALL of it– with the things you will learn in this article…


3 – Whatever Your Age, genetics and body type You Can Succeed

Of course we all age but have you noticed some of us seem to age much better than others, is that an accident of genetics?

Actually how your body looks and feels is less affected by ancestry and the ravages of time than you may have been led to believe by traditional media, your friend’s sister’s brother in law or your family physician.

Your body is quite adaptable when treated properly with the right program and, contrary to commonly held beliefs, you don’t need to force change on it with inappropriate, heavy weight-training and uncomfortable machine type exercise programs.

So what are these ‘right’ exercises?  You can grab your FREE copy of ‘The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Enhancement e-Guide’ Here.

What Does All This Mean to You?

If  you answered  ‘yes’ to at least a few of the questions in the quiz above  there are obviously some areas of your body that you believe need improvements so just imagine this…

You believe you just found something that is going to finally work for you, so you take a proactive decision and start doing some of these exercises – at your own convenience, to your own schedule and right in your own home…

Some days you do 20 minutes, some days you do 40 or 50 minutes because you want the improvements to happen even quicker.

Just two or three weeks go by and you start to see and feel improvements in your lower body that you almost never thought could happen to you… But now they are…

And these welcome changes are positively affecting all other areas of you life… You are now able to shop for fashionable, sexy clothing that fits perfectly and comfortably – and looks attractive…

You get more attention from men in public and your self confidence improves dramatically…

Love-making and intimacy is so much better now – your husband or boyfriend is turned on and wants to make love to you more often – and so do you!

Your self esteem flourishes as you now love to see yourself in the mirror – with or WITHOUT clothes…

You love getting dressed, as all your cute outfits look amazing on you and your body is now in beautiful proportion…

You look forward to spring and summer as you shop for figure hugging shorts and eye-catching swim wear…

Your depression fades with every passing week as you get your body into firm & sexy shape and your happiness radiates because now you can enjoy life again as a ‘normal’ woman…

Read on, you really can make those changes happen…

4 – Pills Potions and Lotions Cannot Work

You may have already wasted A LOT of money on cellulite creams, lotions, wrap treatments, diet or fat burning pills, butt enhancement supplements or any other money wasting scam that sounds to good to be true.  They didn’t work did they?  They can’t – the only real improvement can come from healthy happy muscles, and as we saw that doesn’t mean a sweaty gym or heavy weights.

This may come as a shock, advertising is always within ‘the rules’ but that doesn’t mean it is always honest.  Devious marketing companies take advantage of advertising loopholes that allow them to lie to you on the packaging and in their advertisements. Whatever they say they don’t care about you at all – they just want your money, nothing else…

Dramatic Lower Body Improvements Can Happen to YOU

You can start fixing your lower body and seeing results very quickly when you combine the 3 types of muscle contractions into your exercises – here’s why…

Joey Atlas began training women in the early 90’s – just after he graduated fromStateUniversity at New York (Buffalo) with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Just like every other fitness pro he started his career in health clubs using typical weights and machines to train his female clients.  The results they got were good  but he knew they could be even better much better.

He decided to strike out on his own and start doing personal training in people’s homes and he specialised in training women.

No Painful Weights – No Dangerous Machines – No Crowded Gyms – Just Incredible Improvements

Not having access to all the weights and machines found in the typical fitness center, he was ‘forced’ to be creative and find a way to help all his female clients get the results they were paying him a massive $4,080.00  a month for.

He researched  on the primary types of muscle contractions and how these came into play during certain types of exercises and analyzed how they could be combined, varied and sequenced in every possible way

The biggest discovery was that these 3 types of muscle contractions could ONLY be done with bodyweight exercises, heavy weights and machines were in fact counter productive.  If, and only if, the exercises were done in a certain way and with the right  movement, tempo, order of exercises and how they were grouped together, gyms and weights become redundant.

Based on these findings, he immediately created a laser targeted program that was entirely focused on the most troublesome areas of the female body – the legs, butt, hips, thighs and lower stomach…

The results were absolutely mind-boggling – he became the busiest trainer in town – and he had a waiting list of female clients a mile long… The changes that these women were experiencing were actually surprising, far better than anything he had seen in the gym.

Here’s Where it Gets REALLY Exciting for You

As you can imagine… things are cruising along and business is beyond great.

In a training session with Jeanine a marketing consultant, and one of his first clients Jeanine asked – “Joey how did you create this program? – how did you know how good this would work for women – even though it’s so different than the mainstream stuff?”

And Joey Said……..

“I don’t mean to get technical here – but bare with me, you’ll be glad you did, this is why my stuff works better than any other.”

Three Types of Muscle Contractions COMBINED Are the Magic Behind the Method

These types of muscle contractions are

1 – Concentric – muscle shortens as it contracts
2 – Eccentric – muscle lengthens as it contracts
3 – Isometric – muscle stays same length while contracting

Exercise equipment is designed to use only one of these types of muscle contractions – and most of the time it’s Concentric… and most of the time  this is how people train with weights as well.

Concentric is very limiting when used by itself  and this is one of the reasons women get poor results, if any at all.

Eccentric is very effective – it is only occasionally used with weight training.  Eccentric exercises with weights are very hard and very dangerous – especially for women.

Isometric are extremely effective but very few trainers know how to incorporate them into an exercise program properly.  That’s why you hardly ever see anyone doing isometric exercises – a crying shame because they really work like – when done properly.

But here’s where the real magic lies…

5- With the right exercises you’ll make dramatic improvements in your worst trouble spots and most stubborn problem areas…

It’s so simple.  What really works are carefully structured, bodyweight exercises (that’s using your own body weight, no weights & no machines) combining all three types of muscle movement: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric.  This is a crucial factor for women that cannot be addressed with typical weight and machine type exercise programs.

When these 3 types of muscle movements are combined – the results are almost unbelievable.

BUT – the only way to combine these three exercises for maximum results and SAFETY is by focusing on bodyweight type exercises – because its basically impossible to achieve this when using weights and machines.

But even more powerful is that…

You Can Do This Anytime, Anywhere – At the Convenience of Your Own Schedule

As you can imagine – this is not popular with the mainstream fitness industry because the industry is built on weights and machines.

For most people when you say ‘fitness’ the first thing that comes to mind is weight training and exercise machines.  Making the mental switch to bodyweight exercises that don’t require any equipment or weights is pretty hard to grasp… hard to grasp until you experience this type of laser targeted, body improving workout, of course.

By getting rid of all the equipment and weights – you now have access to a program that you can do anytime, anywhere – this eliminates dozens of excuses that have held you back in the past and stopped you from fixing your lower body problems.”

Jeanine then asks him…

“So there’s no other program out there that combines all 3 types of muscle contractions into one method?”

Joey said “That’s right.”

Jeanine , “That’s it, Joey! – That’s why this program works – and that’s what women need to know! – We have to come up with a specific name for it…” …and so we did And the rest is history.

Age, body type nor genetics need prevent any woman improving her lower body profile.

The Joey Atlas Lower Body Makeover program is the only exercise regime specifically designed for women which scientifically balances the three exercise types needed to quickly and effectively enable a woman to develop the lower body profile she desires.

You can achieve the results you want quickly and easily without gym facilities, heavy weights  or dangerous machines.

More details here.

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